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Turbo, watt bike atom or peloton

Hi, looking for some advice...

Now the darker nights are moving in, I’ve been contemplating a direct drive turbo such as the wahoo kickr core and getting a zwift account.

Me and my partner have both recently given the gym up, and she suggested a peloton instead of the turbo as she’d be more likely to use it. She dislikes road bikes, but loves spin classes. What’s the general vibe on these?

Which then got me looking at alternatives as pelotons are not cheap and there’s the hefty monthly subscription also. So I came across the watt bike atom, similar outlay but pairing with the likes of zwift would be a lot cheaper. Is there a “spin” type app that could be used on the watt bike? I feel this would suit me more?

What’s the best all around package in your opinion? I love road cycling and looking to lay some miles on a real feel machine, my partner on the other hand loves spinning. Trying to find a one size fits all I guess.


  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,480
    Wattbike is your solution, given you need to fit your and your partner's needs.
  • brundonbianchibrundonbianchi Posts: 689
    edited September 2020
    Watt bike have recently released an upgraded version, it’s more responsive to training things like Zwift regarding automatic adjustments to mimic virtual conditions. Oddly Peloton have introduced the ‘peloton plus’ which automatically adjusts its resistance, according to what the ‘virtual gym bunny’ says, if you want it to. However Peloton is really more aimed at the ‘gym bunny / spin class’ market, whereas Wattbike, is more for the training cyclist. If you’re not really into hardcore / targeted / cycling specific training, and things such as ‘Tron bikes’ ‘Tour de Zwift’ and a generally more laid back approach / more computer game oriented stuff, then a smart turbo and a Zwift subscription would suit well. However, I personally can’t be arsed with any of that, and for the first time in forever, I’ve dug out my old ‘dumb iron’ trainer, strapped an old aluminium framed bike to it, and acquired a big floor fan, just in case ‘Covid lockdowns’ hit my locale. You also have to bear in mind that you can’t take a Wattbike or
    Peloton bike, out on the real road, a turbo allows you to use a normal road bike.
  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 1,010
    Short answer:

    Get a wattbike Atom and a zwift account, you won't regret it (and if you do, v good resale)

    I have a wattbike atom after dumb trainer, wheel on power, and direct drive - and it knocks spots off. We got it at the start of lockdown as Mrs P and Mini P wanted to use it. Dead easy, seat goes up and down, no bother. Much more accessible than a bike on a trainer, for reasons which make sense and some that don't.
    Insert bike here:
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 599
    I'd personally go for the DD trainer but then only me using it...

    What about something like a Proform or Nordic spin bike may not be fully automated with Zwift, however, come with the Ifit membership. You may like the Ifit but your wife will probably love it, mix videos of studio workouts as well as road routes irl graphics too can always manually adjust speed/resistance to you/your partner's ability
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