3d scanning technology in bike design

I've found an article about using of 3d scanning technology to create racing bike faster then previous models.
As I understand correctly they have scanned lot's of high end bicycles to get their shapes then they simulated the air flow, this is what CFD does, doesn't it? Where they managed to find out perfect shapes on each. Which they, then used to make a final model.
The same guys recently made a suite for same purpose. I do understand why we need to scan a human in a suite as it's difficult to model a real body in a suit, also it's about fabric, but for bicycle.
You is a company which makes racing bikes, you do have 3d drawings of all your bikes, as this is how you design it, why not just take this models, simulate them and the changes you make. Or did they used other companies bycycles? So it's like a decompilation of other's company software, reverse engineering as it's called.
I wanna see same researches of racer postures as this is really important regarding of speed.