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What are your thoughts on Sentier VRX vs Scout Comp?


Sadly I had to sell my beloved Whyte T130 earlier in the year due to financial problems caused by COVID. However, I am now in a position to purchase a new bike so I can finally get back out in the wilderness!

I loved my T130 but I don't have enough to replace it with a new one so have decided that I will go for a decent HT instead. To be honest, my riding is probably more suited to a HT anyway (mainly long days on Dartmoor and occasional tame center trails).

I was originally set on a 905 V3:

No doubt it is a lovely bike, however, it is a little more than I can stretch to really and after looking around I have found what I think are two decent options for £150-£200 cheaper.

First is the Nukeproof Scout Comp 275 2021:

Or alternatively the Vitus Sentier VRX 27.5 2021:

They both look like decent value and good spec. I am swaying to the Sentier due to the fact that the specification is slightly better and also I a thinking that as the geometry is slightly less aggressive it would suit my riding (which will have a fair chunk of longer cross-country style stuff).

I would appreciate any thoughts and viewpoints



  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
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    Looking through the spec. it's a close race. Both excellent bikes, great value for money and both good options. 👍

    My Buddy has a 2018 Sentier and another Buddy had a Giant with Z2 forks (owned by Fox with their internals) and get great reviews. No first hand experience of Fox or Z2 as I always had Rockshox forks.

    Between the two I've always preferred the Nukeproof Scout with the more aggressive looks and geo, just my personal choice but think you would be very happy with either. Based on spec. list very hard to choose. Suppose you should decide based on how and where you ride or maybe just flip a coin! 😎
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
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    Based on spec and geo I'd go for the Sentier VRX.
    Not quite as slack means it will be a bit easy to pedal on xc rides. I'd go for the 29er as well.
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