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Rear V-brake not working properly

My rear V-brake isn't working properly, it feels loose and barely creates any friction when I pull on it. I tried adjusting the caliper and brake pad position but this didn't fix it. Here is a video showing the problem:


  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 197
    It seems from the video it is only pulling from one side, so first thing to try it balancing the 2 callipers so they both pull. This is by adjusting the tension on the caliper by turning the cross head screws at the broom of each caliper. They are on a spring so by tightening it (clockwise increases tension, anti-clockwise decreases tension) lots of videos on YouTube about this, but I work on, if you tighten one, you loosen the other. When you have them balanced (both moving an equal amount) if this doesn’t work, replace your brake blocks as they could be contaminated. The other thing I noticed is when you realised the brakes the lever didn’t return all the way, this is probably a sticky cable so replace the cable.
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