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Pace RC127 vs Saracen Mantra Trail Carbon Elite

Got my eye on these. Both circa 2016.

Saracen 120mm travel via sr suntour axon and carbon framed.

Pace 140mm travel on RS Pike rct3

Both circa £600 (used)

Use - XC use - like longmynd etc and occasional trail use (blue/red)

Any thoughts?



  • The Pace has better rep and a much better fork, as long as the fork has been maintained and is in good condition.

    But the Saracen is more suited to what you say you use it for. Same reservations about the fork.

    I would be asking the vendor what evidence he has that the fork has been serviced.

    It will cost at least £100 to get a fork serviced, plus any parts that need replacing that are not part of the standard service.
    Check the TF Tuned website for service costs.
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