So much choice


I have been considering changing my 5 year old Saracen Mantra Trail for a full suspension bike, and trying 29inch wheels and a wide range 1x10/11/12 drive train for a while.
Initially I set myself a budget around £1500. And there are a number of well regarded bikes at that price. The Calibre Bossnut being one.
As the shops have nothing much in stock, I've been continuing my research online.
I've checked out geometry, components, weight, price, read and watched reviews, and scoured the forums and Facebook.
I can't say I'm any closer to deciding, and my notional budget keeps stretching!
I think I have a shortlist now.
Giant Trance 2 29er
Merida OneTwenty 600
Vitus Mythique VRX 29 (or possibly 27, which is sometimes considered better geometry)
Canyon Neuron AL 7
There's a significant price range there.
And there's the choice between supporting my Local Bike Shop, who stock the Merida, saving £500 with the Vitus, the support of one of the biggest bike makers in the world.
I've ruled out bikes with SRAM SX or NX. I've read a few too many posts about their reliability.
Right now, I favour the Trance, for its lighter weight. Then the Merida for the LBS support, and middle of range price. At least I have local shop support for both those too!
I can't wait for some stock to arrive in nearby shops, so at least I can sit astride a couple of them!


  • JBA
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    Personally I'd go for the Trance. I am a huge Giant fan though. They just make good bikes.
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  • oxoman said:

    You wont go wrong with the top 3, but if you want to support your LBS go with the top 2. Trance is very good bike as is the Merida. Giant make their own bikes as do Merida who also make and own Specialized i believe. Nothing wrong with the Canyon other than customer service and delivery can be problematic. Few of my mates have vitus bikes and apart from a few niggles no complaints.

    Thanks. Having had a couple of less than perfect internet purchases recently, I am inclined to go for an in store purchase.

    If the Merida and Trance were the same weight, I'd go for the Merida. Theres more than half a kilo difference. Near three quarters.
  • JBA said:

    Personally I'd go for the Trance. I am a huge Giant fan though. They just make good bikes.

    Thanks. The only reason not to go for the Trance at the moment is the fact it's a few hundred pounds more. And there are none to buy!

    I actually started looking at the Anthem too. I'm a bit of a "mixed bag" rider. Don't need huge suspension, but not a XC race machine either.

    The geometry of a Trance is closest to my Saracen.