Axle Size

Hi There
I bought a vitus Substance SRS-2 in August. Been out riding the Thames path earlier this week. Lost the rear thru axle into the undergrowth or river.
Long walk home!
The size I require is 12mm x 142mm but apparently the crucial info of thread and pith is only on the part I lost.
Does anyone have a similar bike they can look at and give me details. Currently Wiggle are not being very helpful.


  • lesfirth
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    The only suggestion I can make is to have a look at the front axle. It is highly likely that the front is the same thread. If there is no info printed on the axle you can measure the thread pitch with a steel ruler.
    There seems to be 3 sizes 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 1.75.
  • I'll give that a go. Thanks
  • Wow! I’m amazed your through axle fell out. I never thought that could happen, but the more I think about it, that is entirely possible. Seeing as the wheel sits in the drop-out slots (that’s where the 142mm comes from BTW).
    I’ve learnt something new today

    I assume you still have the nut the axle fits into secured on the frame, you could then try your front 12mm axle (from the outside) in the nut to confirm the thread pitch is the same, then measure as lesfrith suggests. You’ll still need to know the overall length of the axle you require, I’m not sure that there all the same. I’d email the manufacture if I were you to be sure.