Wheel upgrade - Wiggle options

I have some allowance left over on the bike to work scheme with Wiggle so am looking at getting some additional wheels.

I currently have Vision Team 30s on my bike which i like but are 5 years old and relatively heavy (c1900g). I was therefore looking at a lighter set (Prime Baroudeurs - c1600g) which are currently £200. There are limited reviews but I've had a couple of other Prime items and they seem alright. I would then relegate the Visions to be dedicated turbo wheels/spares but not sure if they are comparable or a downgrade really. Would a (very) amateur cyclist notice the weight difference? Will they be better just because they're shiny and new? Would i be better getting new Visions 30s which are also £200?

Appreciate your thoughts. Ta


  • 1516g according to Wiggle, so a fair bit lighter than your Visions - you would probably notice it to some extent, but to what extent is arguable. The Visions have a slightly deeper rim, but 4mm won't make any real difference aero-wise. The Primes do have a modern wide internal width (not sure about the Visions), and perhaps just as importantly are Tubeless compatible - you may not want to go tubeless, but at least you would have the option if you wanted to do so in the future.
  • Though if you don't it will make fitting tyres harder for no advantage - some tubeless rim/tyre combos are a real fight.
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  • Hmm, sounds as marginal as i was thinking, may just save my money then instead.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    I had wheels of a similar weight (almost 2kg) when I got my road bike. I first upgraded to some wheels that were about 1600g/£200, you could feel the difference in weight, but they also flexed more (due to light spokes) so you felt like some of your power was being wasted when accelerating up a hill.

    I then replaced with some wheels that about 1500g and £250, they flexed less than the 1600g ones, but you still felt like you were wasting power when accelerating, plus they creaked out of the box and I never managed to sort.

    I now have the Borg 31 from Malcom, which are about 1600g/£400. Feel as stiff as my original wheels, but still fairly light, so finally have a set of wheels I am happy with. The first 2 sets of wheels got a lot good reviews online, but I have learnt to be warey of light wheels which are also cheap.
  • Thanks, in that case i'll save my cash for some handbuilts in due course. May just get some cheap durable ones as spares for emergencies, feels like too much of a bargain not to get any (and I ride in Manchester so wheels do suffer)!
  • For 200 quid you can probably pick up some lightly used Campag Zondas which are light and stiff. Just make sure that you get detailed photos and ensure there is not significant rim wear.

    I've bought used Zondas twice for around that price and both times in great nick.

    They are excellent wheels.