Merida 40 forks

Just looking for a little help with forks please. I have been given a Merida big seven.40 2015 model

It's been sat outside and not used since new so needs new forks, headset bearings gear cables etc. I'm struggling to find the right forks, apparently it's 1 1/8 straight which I'm struggling to source at a reasonable price.

Is there any possibility I could get the rockshox Judy tapered forks and different bearings to work with the frame?

Thanks in advance


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    Decent straight steerer tube forks are getting harder to find but they're still available.

    Not looked in detail at your bike spec. but providing you have a straight, 44mm internal width headtube (90% sure it will be) then you could fit an external cup bottom headset assembly (EC 44/40) to allow fitting of tapered forks.

    The other issue will be the axle standard of your front wheel/hub. If it's standard quick release you are going to struggle to find tapered forks with matching dropout standards as they most will be thru axle dropouts.

    These are one example that would be suitable with a new bottom headset assembly and also are available with quick release dropouts if your front hub is quick release:-

    If not this type you could consider converting the hub to thru axle (if it's possible), buying a new front wheel or hub to fit the Judy forks.
  • Thank you for your help. Which do you think would be the most cost effective option?

    I think the wheels are standard quick release. I was speaking to chain reaction and while they didnt have any forks available for the bike they said the headset bearing i would need it a Cane Creek 40 Series EC34 conventional headset, if that means anything to you?
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    Just looked up the Cane Creek headset on C.R.C. That particular headset is external cup for a non tapered 1 1/8 steerer tube to fit into a headtube diameter of 34mm internal width rather than 44mm internal width.

    Only 90% sure headtube diameter would be 44mm because most headtubes are. Your bike may possibly have an internal diameter of 34mm?

    I couldn't find out for sure as all the spec. I looked up only describe your headset as an 'EGG steel-B' and no other information on its sizing or most importantly the S.H.I.S. (Standard Headset Identification System) code number which would have made it easy to confirm exactly what headset you would need to use.

    That Cane Creek headset (specifically the bottom assembly) definitely won't allow you to fit a tapered steerer either way.

    When you spoke to C.R.C. they are probably offering you that headset so it will fit the straight steerer tube forks.

    Short answer. If your headtube is 34mm internal diameter it simply won't be able to fit a tapered steerer tube as the taper section is wider than the inside of the headtube.
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    Maybe C.R.C. have the information regarding your Merida headtube diameter? 🤔 Sorry I couldn't and still can't find this information anywhere. 😞

    The only way to be sure of your headtube diameter would be to carefully measure it yourself to confirm. If it is 34mm then the Cane Creek headset will be a suitable replacement.

    You would definitely not be able to fit a tapered fork to your bike so the most cost effective option would be to find some Rockshox 30 silver forks, look for a suitable Manitou Markhor mentioned in the Bikeradar article or buy any forks providing they have a straight steerer tube.

    Quick release dropouts too so it will fit with your current wheel, if not you would have to buy a new thru axle front wheel or hub.

    Alternatively could the original forks be serviced, the headset bearings cleaned, greased and re fitted?