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My First Endurance Bike

Hello everybody,
I want you to help me choose between these two bikes as my first entry-level alloy-frame bike.
The first one is Scott speedster 20 disc bike 2021 and the other one is Kross Vento 4.0. Which is the bang for buck? Which one has better specs and is future proof? Thanks in advance for your valuable contributions.
Also for my race bike, I am thinking of BMC Teammachine ALR one 2021. Is it a good bike?


  • Those are both good choices for around 1000 euros, correct? You might also want to consider the equivalent model from Giant.

    But really, either the Scott or the Kross should deliver very good value for money. I haven't looked at the specs too closely but do either give you a 32 or 34 low gear? I think that's key to an endurance bike, especially a heavier one. I would also budget 150 euros for a really good saddle and maybe think about a professional bike fit. Those will make more difference in your enjoyment than just buying a more expensive bike.

    I've ridden a 1000 euros Giant on a very long, hilly ride as a rental and was stunned at how good it was. A bit heavy but everything worked like a watch. Great price point.

  • I have decided to buy Rose SL Pro. What do you think?
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    immi_1991 said:

    I have decided to buy Rose SL Pro. What do you think?

    I presume you don't live in the UK then. Rose have recently announced that they will not sell to UK customers due to some legal issues over the set up of the brakes required on UK bikes.
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