Assos F1 Uno S5 equivalent

My favourite pair of bibshorts are Assos F1 Uno S5s but I've had them for years and they are getting a bit tired at this stage. I would love to buy the same again but obviously they don't make them anymore. Can anyone tell me what the rough equivalent in Assos' current range is ?


  • webboo
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    I don’t think there is one. They all seem to come with that loose purple pad these days, which is great if one your pleasures in life is a sore crotch.
  • The next model up is the S7 and now the S9. I’ve progressed from the S5 to the 7 and now into the 9. I’ve never found anything as comfortable and I’ve tried countless other top branded bibs. Never had sore balls either? 🤔
    The S7s are “relatively” cheap these days since the S9s came out...try the Assos outlet ( or Bikezaar for cheap S7s. The Equipe model are decent all day bibs...I’ve got two pairs of those that Ive had for 3 or 4 years, still going strong.
  • S7 Equipe bibshorts as mentioned above are a good alternative, I tried the Cento when they came out but they didn't agree with me but I'm glad the cheaper Equipes work for me.
  • Thanks for the info folks!
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    as an owner of a couple of pairs of S5’s the new S9’s are the latest iteration which are super comfortable.
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    I love my S7 Equipes, the S9s less so (gripper doesn't grip my hairy legs!) but the pad is definitely better in the S9s with the straps securing it a bit better. Never tried the S5s so can't comment but I've never had any chafing with the 'loose' pad.

    On the other hand my wife loves her S5s and did not like the S7s. Everyone's nether regions are different!