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What do I get

I'm not off road rider first of all, till now I rode my sisters hardtail xc bike 29er and it was nice but pretty uncomfortable and before that I rode my dad's now 20 year old fs bike and I didn't have any problems when I rode it other than I would rarely hit my knees to triple clamps and my sister moved to capital city because of school and my dad could go next week to give her bike because there wasn't room for it when they went to move her in

My dad will be buying "new" bike with his money and till now he rode his pretty small fs bike and he's 194cm and I'm 179-180 cm and I ride much more than him but much shorter rides

He will be buying only fs bike for not alot of money on used market and chocies are:

Trek fuel ex 8 2011 26" 731€ 2nd most away from where I live

Specialized stumpjumper elite fsr 2009 26" 664€ most away from where I live

Kona satori fs 29 sl 797€ 2013 closest to me

If you want any info just ask

Btw reason why I won't be spending any of mine money is because I need money for school, fuel, motorcycle parts...
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