Suitable rear bike rack for Thule Yepp Maxi child Seat

Despite carrying our panniers over 19,000km our Tubus Logo classic rear rack that came with our Dawes Ultra Galaxy touring bikes aren't suitable for the brand new Thule Yepp maxi child seats we've been given.
Firstly, the rear rack is too narrow for the clips (we've even tried the Thule adapter).
Secondly, i've read that it's not recommended to attach clip-on child bike seats yo tubular (hollow) bike racks as they're at risk of cracking:

Could anyone recommend a study rear rack with solid bars that's not going to cost a fortune that's fit the Ultra Galaxy (with disc brakes).

(sadly, returning the child seats isn't an option).


  • I have the same problem. For the moment I am looking at the Axiom Journey Disc rack, that supports up to 50kg. I don't know the Yepp will directly mount to the rack, otherwise the adapter might be needed.