Road bike advice budget £1,000

Hello bike enthusiasts,

apologies in advance for yet another "buying new bike can you give advice please". But I do need advice for a new road bike I'm buying.

I currently have a steel frame Peugeot with 5 gears and it is amazing for commute in London.

I do however want to start road riding on a more mountainous terrain and need a newer/better bike. I have tried a friend's Ribble (carbon version) and did not like the feel of a carbon bike. But I haven't actually tried an Alu frame. It's next to impossible these days to actually test ride anything. Maybe I would get used to the feel for the bike material with time?

I am quite attached to the vintage aesthetic though (slim tubing). My budget is £1,000 max. I'm 168cm (5"5'). I would quite like to have black rim wheels.

From my research so far I have shortlisted the following:
1. Ribble Endurance 725 Disc Shimano Tiagra (steel)
2. Cube Attain Race Road Bike (Alu)
3. PLANET X LONDON ROAD EVO SRAM APEX 1 DISC ROAD BIKE (Alloy) -- very confused about this one actually. Can't figure out if £799 is just the frame or the whole bike and noone from Planet X seems to be picking up emails/there is no phone number.

Could you advise on other bikes that would fit my criteria/ are good road bikes within my budget or your opinions about the above.

Thanks so much in advance!