Is 26er dead? Full Sus to HT

So. I had a 2019 stumpy 29er - hell of a lot of bike and more than my riding needs these days. So, i sold it (regret already has set in).

I'm now in need of something that will just suit my daily exercise XC rides and to keep up with the kids on their park rides.

My head leans me to say that the 26er wheel is dead - and to go for a 650b or 29er. But in a HT it seems for my budget £500-650 (2nd hand market) I can get a lot of bike for that money if i'm happy to go for a 26" wheel set up.

Alot of the reviews i read for the 29er's of comparative price lack the "fun" and chuckability of a 26" HT.

I guess wholly down to the fact that my budget limits me to some of the first 29er's on the market, so things hadn't moved on as much.

So my question is - is the 26er dead? Am i stupid to consider an older much better spec'd bike rather than buy a lesser spec'd more modern 29er from a period that had questions over their geo and levels of kit/fork etc.


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    A 27.5" wheeled bike with Boost hubs and thru axles are as fun and chuckable as a 26" bike probably the same with newish 29ers.

    I had 26" in the past but once I bought a modern 27.5" I wouldn't go back to 26 now I've got used to them.

    Having said that get whatever you want on your budget. 26 ain't dead. IMO if you like 'em why not?

    Only thing to be aware of with older bikes is new or upgrade parts availability if the original parts need changing. Forks for example, although models are still available for sale they just need searching for. Newer parts can be mostly retrofitted too with some tweaks.

    Geo and spec. is only a factor if your ripping up trails etc. but for daily exercise and riding around the Park do you really need to worry about that?
  • I still have a pair of barely used Maxxis Medusa 26x2.1" tyres. These were advertised as XC mud tyres. They are the Maxis version of Mavic's UST tubeless tyres. Maxxis call them "Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology" or LUST for short!

    So if you get yourself a 26er and need some mud tyres for the winter months, you know who to call.