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Vitus or Kona

Hi, new member here and first time buying a full sus bike after using a hardtail. My type of cycling is mostly natural trails mixed with single tracks, plenty of uphill pedalling and downhill descents. So I'm after a bike that is not too specific to enduro/downhill or XC.

So I was thinking of the 2020 vitus escarpe but I've spotted a Kona process 153 going for a good deal too. I know it's a bit more aggressive than the vitus but not too much. What would you recommend folks?


  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,468
    Assuming you can get both, then I think you've answered your own question.
    You were going to get the Vitus but when you saw the Kona it made you stop and rethink - so it sounds like you really want the Kona.
  • No, I just want opinions from more experienced folk on which would be the overall better bike as I'm a complete novice. I do know the vitus has a much better spec (this one has the Shimano XTR set and Fox 36 factory front shock) but, apparently, the kona has superior geometry....both at a similar price point. I'm edging for the vitus to be honest just for the value of it's overall component spec.
  • The Vitus Escarpe has many many fans and lots of reviews are available on the net. Not so much for the Kona.
    I am well disposed towards Kona, because a Kona Kula was my very first mtb and I kept it for years and years. Kona also produced my first FS Trail bike, which I owned for three years. But I never bought another Kona after that.

    Kona design and sell good quality mtbs, but they are struggling to come up with a breakthrough bike, one that hits the headlines. They never seem to get 5* reviews, always a "4* if you want it for exactly this, but if you don't then its a 3*", kind of review.

    The Escarpe however always seems to be in the news for many good reasons. Do your own research, get your head involved and then let your heart decide.

    If you are unable to test ride either of them, or even throw a leg over, then you must look closely at the geometry. If you don't know what you need geometry wise, compare with what you loved already (and sold).
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