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reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 892
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My jockey wheels are tweeting. Can't remember the last time this happened so assume it was caused by a recent degrease? What would be the best lube to use on the bushings?

Options to hand are Shimano mineral brake fluid, GT 85, chain lube and grease. Maybe get something else or should I just clean them up and leave them dry?

I think I recall trying grease last time but don't think it worked and they started to squeak again after a week or so but maybe I used too much or in the wrong place?



  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,109
    I usually use "3 in 1 Oil" A few drops on either side and spin them round with the chain then wipe off the excess. Same if you use chain lube but this is thicker and more likely to attract crud/dust. But as you are posting in the MTB workshop section I presume you are not adverse to crud/dust/mud/muck etc?
    I speak from a "roadies" PoV and I like very clean drive trains and use dry lubes in the summer. Now Autumn/Winter is on its way then I'll go back to gloopy wet lubes and use it on anything that moves.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 892
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    Thanks for the reply photonic69. It's true I love splashing through the mud but also like to try and keep a clean drivetrain. Wet lube all year round although would be nice to use dry lubes but don't think it's suitable for where I mostly ride.

    Am going to remove the jockey wheels and give them a good clean inside before adding lube to ensure minimum excess.

    Will go with your chain lube recommendation and use around the centre axle and bushing which should stop that irritating noise.

    Thanks again, welcome to splashing on that wet gloopy stuff again, roll on next summer Pal.👍
  • After the usual wash and clean of the whole bike, For the mech, I use Weldtite Teflon TF2 aerosol lube. It has a handy narrow tube that fits into the aerosol nozzle. I do the derailleur pivots and the jockey wheel axles. That's all I've ever done for years and years and years. TF2 Lubricant Spray With Teflon is a heavy duty,solvent and a butane propellant.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 892
    edited September 2020
    Thanks for the response Steve, appreciate it. Will keep it mind for next time and sounds like a good product to use on derailleur pivots, not considered a specific for that job. 👍

    I took my jockey wheels off this afternoon, cleaned well with some elbow grease and GT85 followed by using my usual chain lube on axle and bushing.

    Will be listening out for the tweeting noise on a ride Thursday but hopefully this is sorted now Pal. 😬
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