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Hope Mono rear hub - bearings recommendations

I've got a very nice rear wheel built up on a Hope Mono RS hub, its about five years old. Cleaning the bike yesterday, I noticed that it was feeling quite 'gritty' when spinning, I suspect the bearings are in need of replacing. I've found a number of companies offering sets of bearings for this hub, but to be honest, I can't differentiate them, except on price. Can anyone recommend a set of replacement bearings? It is primarily used as my winter or wet weather wheels, so good seals would be an advantage. Many thanks


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,042
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    If you can find the original Hope bearings, they do fit better and last longer. If you can avoid Enduro bearings, that is also good.
    It's not much about the seals, but rather about tolerances.
    You need 17 x 28 x 7 and the choice is pretty much the one I mentioned above
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  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    Many thanks for the feedback. I'll try and find some original ones.
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