Canyon Lux Brake upgrade

After a great week of riding and racing. I am pretty much hooked and dreaming of upgrading my Canyon.

I want to upgrade the brakes to some Magura MT8's.

I am quite new and still learning about all the parts and compatibilities.

Looking for a good rotor to pair with them.

I can see that the Canyon comes with the centerlock system.

Thanks in advance
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  • reaperactual
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    Never owned Magura brakes or rotors but Magura recommend using Magura rotors, surprise, surprise.

    I suppose the obvious choice would be Magura Storm CL rotors. Their rotors are 2.0mm thick where as most other brands are 1.8mm thick when new. Maybe you could use any Centrelock rotor you wish depending on what you read and believe to be the best option.

    Some riders use any rotors with them without issues, also some only use Magura rotors and say the brakes perform better with own brand thicker rotors?

    Think I read somewhere that the centrelock lockrings need to match the axle standard you are using, external spline pattern for thru axles and internal spline for quick release axles.

    Adaptors would be needed if you wish to fit bigger rotors than you have now. Would imagine Shimano adaptors that match rotor and post mount standard sizes would work if necessary.