Upgrading forks on a 2016 Whyte 901

My Whyte 901 is going great guns with my new gearing. 1 x 11, 11-42, new Hope wheels, dropper and a few other odds and ends

I am really struggling to find a fork upgrade though. The Sektor is OK but its getting a little long in the tooth and to be honest I'd like something a bit tougher.

The big issue I seem to have is finding the same set up. 130mm travel, 42mm offset. It seems most 42mm offset forks are for 29ers.

So question. Would putting a 44mm offset fork make a big difference? I’m no longer too bothered about boost or non boost because I can get a spacer from Hope for my front wheel and get the wheel re dished…

I've gone a bit mad trying to find a burlier replacement.

So if anyone has any advice or suggestions I'd much appreciate it.


  • mully79
    mully79 Posts: 904
    I've given my old Sektor a new lease of life by taking out the spacer and making it 150mm travel instead of the original 130mm.

    Its still a bit noodly but it gives my bike better balance. I'm going to experiment with damper oil next.