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Right people, I’ve got a max of a £1000 to spend on a new road bike, currently commuting 2/4 days a week on a 10 year old giant R1 escape. Looking at upgrading to something better, looking at a connondale bad boy. My commute is 9 miles each way all road.

I am not really sure what would suit me better. I’ve been reading and quite a few cycle mags and forums and they say a hybrid over a pure road bike because of the abuse daily commuting does, and they seem to hold up better.

Love the Bad Boy, Cube Hyde race or sirrus from specalized

Any others I should look at?? Don’t mind waiting till stock arrives either


  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 599
    My understanding is the main difference between a "hybrid" and "road" bike will mainly be type bike f handlebar, hybrid more likely to be flat handlebar and slightly more upright riding position, whereas road bikes are "drop"C shape. Also hybrids are likely to have lower/easier gearing. The drive chain/components/consumables will wear and tear the same, regardless if hybrid or road. Assuming you're not looking at internal hub gears and drive belt.

    I first started ommuting about 5 miles each way prodomently on road, started off on an old heavy hardtail mountain bike, then hybrid then road, changing jobs several times so different tarain now doing circa 10m each way road, off rd cycle path and tow paths.

    Bit of different in terms of effect required from mountain bike to road bike, long term speed wise not really noticeable albeit road bike is quicker/easier although hard to quantify as fitness improved.
    Wider tires at lower pressure are more comfortable, my hybrid had 23mm at 120psi bone shaker then went to 25mm at around 90psi, currently on 35mm tubeless tires at no more than 70psi
    Ive found rack and pannier by far the most comfortable way to carry stuff rather than backpacks.
    Mudguards do make a big difference esp if planning to commute year round.
    Decent lights a must, I was half tempted with dynamo hub light setup, in the end I settled for the Hope R4 front and district rear light, out of all the set ups I have had so far, this is the best value.
    Hydraulic disc brakes are worth the extra on the commuter bike if budget allows.
    SPDs pedals and shoes are also worth investment along with overshoes. I put up with riding in normal trainers for far too long, laces coming undone and wrapping around pedals and feet slipping off in stop/start traffic or having to put sodden wet trainers back on to cycle home in.
    I know probably not the best time but try and test ride the different types of bike to see which YOU prefer/fnd most comfortable. Think about your route is it on/off road hills or flat, how far is it? Anything up to 5 ish miles the bike won't really matter. Shower/changing facilities at work, storage for belonging like shoes etc
    The cycle to work scheme is worthwhile, saving tax.
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 599
    Sorry just realised you've answered 1/2 questions I posed.
    9 mile each way mainly road, as I say, I'd try a road endurance /more relaxed geometry maybe a gravel/cycle cross type
    What't like about your current bike?
    Upgrade/replace/service current bike?
    Is the £1k c2w limit or your budget? If budget can you use c2w so the actual cycle cost could be a bit more.
  • I like my current bike but I am able to upgrade and want to.
    id rather sell it and get a new one,
    I want to spend no more than £1000 max, I cant use the cycle to work scheme as I have signed up and waiting for a new whyte T140 on it.

    would and what gravel/cycle cross type be good for all road??? and what ones???
  • darrell1967darrell1967 Posts: 470
    edited September 2020
    I’m building this as a winter commuter. It will have mudguards and the complete bike will cost about £600.

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