What can I expect upgrade to a 2021 Scout Pro

I'm really liking the looks of the 2021 Nukeproof Scout pro in 29". I would be upgrading from a 2021 Trek X-Caliber 8 in 29" which Ive only had a couple of month's but feel I want to take the next step already.

I'm new getting back on a bike again after doing a couple of XC races in my teens 20+ years ago and really enjoying myself again.

The spec of the bike looks good, the folks a world in front of my Judy's though I don't think you get the RC2 Lyrik's?

Would it be a good upgrade or should I stick with what I've got and save a bit more and go for something like a Ex Fuel or Slash?


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    Sounds like your on a fast track of taking the next step and the next. Yeah, wow! That new Nukeproof Scout looks awesome, I really like them too. The Scout would be an improvement but you're already looking at full sus in future.

    Why take an unnecessary step to upgrade for a slightly better spec. hardtail where you will lose money in the long run.

    Just my thinking is keep what you have, enjoy it, save up and get your top full sus bike you'll probably end up with anyway at some point.
  • I like Hard tails and not had a go on a full sus for a long time and didn't think much to it back then, but then there wasn't the components and lock outs there is now.

    Think I need to try a full sus see if that's where I want to go cause I like how a hard tail feels and I'm never going to be good enough to make use of anything other than a medium travel trail bike so don't want to go over the top.
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    I'm a hardtail fan myself and also never owned a decent level full sus but probably will in the future?

    I see exactly where your coming from after taking up biking again after a long time since my teenage years too.

    Reckon my perfect solution would be both my hardtail and a mid travel trail full sus in the garage.

    Do really like the look of that Nukeproof Scout and wouldn't hesitate if I was in the market for a new one so in my opinion it would be worth buying and could easily handle some hard riding and keep up with with increasing skill and harder terrain. Then a full sus aswell down the line perhaps?