Another bib short newbie

Dear all, I'm new to road biking and I need a bib short. I like the MK2 from CHPT3 but I'm insecure with the size. I'm 180 tall at roughly 85 kg. What size would you recommend? I look for comfort. Thx. Best, A


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    You need to measure yourself honestly and compare your measurements with the size chart. Waist measurements are not taken where the waistband of trousers sit.

    We can't tell your measurements from a height and weight.
  • I am 180 and 75kg and wear a medium but am on the limit between sizes depending on brand. I would guess you are a large.
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    On most size charts, I'm a small. But sized up to a medium.
    I found most bib shorts are too tight in the groin area for me. So I now buy large.

    If you can, I'd recommend buying two different sizes at once (oversize +1 and +2). Then you can directly compare them against each other at the same time. And send the "wrong" size back.
  • I've found three key pain points in bib shorts: the crotch to shoulder measurement; if you try them on and feel any pulling at all, send 'em back; the leg length: I like my shorts to fit over my quadriceps, so slightly longer or they will ride up; and lastly strap width -- I like wide, laser cut straps. Anything with a seam or narrow digs into my shoulders after a while.

    oddly chamois fit has never really been a problem. I'd say that nearly all bib shorts have excellent quality chamoises compared with a decade ago.

    Given your height/weight I'd suggest a large.
  • Thx for the advice.
  • Don't forget bibs are meant to feel fit-right when assuming position on the bike. If the straps feel tight while you're admiring yourself stood up in front of your bedroom mirror, it's not really a good measure of fit. Bend over and that'll give you a better idea if the crotch/ strap measurement is good...
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    A bit late to the game but that has to be the worst brand for sizing considering they’re made by castelli I’d say they are at least 1.5 sizes too small on normal
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