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Pitted chrome fork legs and chain stay


I have a 24 year old Bianchi EL-OS that has pitted chrome on the fork legs and chain stay. It looks pretty superficial and the frameset overall is in good shape and rides well. My questions are:
1. Should I just continue to ride the bike as is and not worry about it?
2. Should I take some preventative actions to prevent further damage?
3. If so, what can/should I do?

I weigh 175lbs and this is my daily rider.


  • Absolutely... ride it, no problem at all... to prevent further pitting, you might use car polish wax, but it's so minor that I wouldn't worry about it...

    Nice bike, needs to get off the Turbo and onto the road!
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  • Thanks for the input. Yes, I love this bike. It gets time out on the open roads too.
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