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Anyone in Wigan?

A bit of a random ask here but is there anyone in Wigan, local to Winstanleys that may be going into the shop any time soon.

I ask because I have placed an online order with them for a Bell Super DH helmet which showed as "In stock with supplier - dispatched in 4-5 days".

Since then I have had an email saying they will get the helmet by 30.11.20 which is obviously quite a difference.

After reading google reviews it seems I should have never placed an order with them as everyone is having similar issues of terrible communication from winstanleys. I have emailed multiple times and no reply. It seems the only way to get in touch with them is in person.

If there is anyone who is going into the shop and wouldn't mind giving them a little nudge to at least contact me I would appreciate it massively.

They have taken my money (£200) and it doesn't appear they are going to keep their end of the deal. Well maybe the helmet will turn up in 3 months but IMO this isn't good enough when I was expecting with within a few weeks.


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