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Boardman MHT 8.9

If you see my post on the voodoo bizango carbon rear wheel wobble then you will know that I eventually got it replaced by halfords. Well as of 2 days ago I went on halfords just to compare specs and low and behild the bizango carbon was in stock and I could order it to my local branch. Went to pick up my boardman mht 8.9 and said to the guy the bizango is now in stock. He said do you want to swap like for like and he will order it now. I was in 2 minds and eventually said no through gritted teeth and walked away thinking I made a mistake.Took my new bike and went straight to lea valley mtb track and what can I say but there is no comparison. Im a complete novice and have no mechanical knowledge(I know the judy silver fork on the bizango is half the price of the reba on the boardman) and the weight is negligible but the ride is miles apart. Ive never been able to ride around on the back wheel or anything but with this I was popping wheelies with ease and even being able to manual between jumps. It seemed fast and responsive and the forks are night and day apart. As I said im a novice and dont pretend that this bike is anywhere near a top end bike but for what I need I cant ask anymore


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,728
    Glad you got sorted out, just ride and enjoy what you've got now.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • That's good to hear, sure you will enjoy your bike.
    I have had my Team FS for 3 1/2 years now, and around 4000 trail miles with no issues other than drive train wear and tear and the the bike has far more capability than me anyway.
  • Nice, I have a Bizango Carbon on order, I do like the Boardman 8.9 but there is something abou it's colour choice that I just don't like, I suppose it is one of those marmite style themes. Other than that it looked like a great bike.
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