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Totally out of my depth with freehubs

Wowza, I'm confused.

Recently bought a new wheelset, running a Novatec D462SB-SL with an XD freehub. On Novatec's website it said that this hub comes with an 11sp freehub but I know they also made XD freehubs for it. Cool. No problem.
This hub uses Novatec's 533 system, so I just need a 5-pawl 33 F-type freehub if I want to switch to an 11sp freehub. Simple.
Just popped it open last night to make sure it hadn't been way over-lubed in manufacturing.
3 pawls.
Is this a huge issue? Of course in some ways more pawls = better but does fewer pawls = disaster?
aka could I ride this if I had an XD cassette without risking ruining it?

Also, if I get a new freehub does it have to be 5 pawls or would 3 work, as long as it's compatible in other respects?

This is my first time opening a hub so I'm rather shook. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    shooketh indeed. If you send me the wheels I'll test them for a few months, let you know if it works
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