Mavic Freehub not rotation when tightened properly


I'm in need of experienced bike mechanics: I've had to replace a part in my mavic freehub and when I tighten the nut in the image below with an allen key, then the freehub almost doesn't turn. Only when I hand tighten the nut, it's possible to spin the freehub.

So, my question is, is there a specific number of how tight this nut has to be? Or is it safe enough to only tighten it by hand?

Thanks a lot for your help!


  • mrdsgs
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    there should be a small washer, on the axle between the freehub and the drive side wheel bearing to prevent the binding you are describing. Hand tight nut does not sound safe.
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  • photonic69
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    That is the axle locknut. It should not be tightened from that side. Loosen it, take the axle out. Reinsert it the other way round then set the bearing play from the other side using the thin locknut spanners until the axle turns smoothly but there is no play in it. It’s very much trial and error to get it “just so”.

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