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wireless shifting

thoughts please? pros? cons?


  • crossedcrossed Posts: 232
    I've got it on my Solaris Max.

    Pros - It looks great, gives a really clean install with the lack of cables and the shifting is perfect.
    Cons - It's not cheap.

    Personally, I think it's great and wouldn't go back to cable shifting on my bikes.
  • thank u for that. so the only downside is its expensive. how does it work?
  • crossedcrossed Posts: 232
    The only other possible downside is that the battery life isn't as good as Di2. I've never had a battery go flat on a ride on either this bike or my old road bike which had etap. Batteries are cheap enough so it's easy to carry a spare if you're doing multi day rides.

    As for how it works, its just a case of pairing the shifter and mech then fitting it.
    The mech seems to be sensitive to the straightness of the mech hanger.
    In use the shifter takes a little bit of getting used to as it's like a rocker switch rather than two push switches like Di2.
  • cheers for that
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