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FreeHub for Orange Bikes "Strange Pro 27" Hub

OK 1st Post so be gentle!

Purchased a 2021 Orange Crush 27.5 Hardtail which due to availability of parts has the 2020 components from Orange in the main. One change that I've got is it has SRAM SX Eagle PG-1210 11-50T (Shimano HG Freehub) whereas the 2021 spec of the bike was due to be Shimano SLX 10-51T. I am already running a GX Eagle Rear Mech.

Happy with the bike for now but potentially looking to change the cassette at a later date .. I know I can go with a SunRace as that'll work on the Shimano HG Hub but if I wanted to go with SRAM say GX then I'd need a SRAM XD freehub.

Not getting much joy from Orange direct or dealer who isn't too local to me potentially due to ongoing CV19 delays so hoping the experts on here could advise...

My hub will be Strange Pro 27 or Strange 27 depending which year of specification I look at (there are no obvious markings/logos etc to identify) - Does anyone have similar that knows of a compatible XD freehub?



  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 892
    edited September 2020
    I've got a 2019 Orange Clockwork Evo S. My wheelset was Kore branded on the rims but I did some research and identified my rear hub as a Formula DHT 148S.

    Can't say if they are compatible with Micro spline for Shimano 12 speed but there is a version on the pic next to it (DHT 1481) which is XD Driver so maybe this is the same rear hub they still use on your model? Should be able to work with XD Driver but not sure where you would be able to source one and retrofit it?

    I have changed my wheelset since then which has a Shimano HG freehub and am using the Sunrace 11 speed cassette that was originally fitted and it's been good so far.

    You could buy a Sram NX Eagle or keep running the SX cassette and I reckon the Sunrace cassettes are worth it too.

    Not much difference between NX or SX compared to the GX cassette except weight and maybe a little more long term durability but no real difference in overall performance so I personally wouldn't bother with the hassle of changing to an XD Driver.

  • Finally got a straight answer from Orange ...

    The Strange Hubs are NOT XD, XDR or Microspline compatible and there isn't an option to get a Freehub to suit those technologies.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 892
    edited September 2020
    Yeah, Orange's way of saying they are generic OEM (probably Formula) hubs which even they, as well as bike shops can't get individual components for.

    If it looks like a Formula hub, it is a Formula hub and my experiences with these hubs I've never been able to source any parts for them.

    I had a quick search of the internet and found this hub for a Bergamont, pretty sure the XD Driver on this would fit. Not advising you to do it, if I really, really needed an XD Driver for my Clockwork's stock rear hub I would probably take a punt on it and see if it would fit.
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