New TdF, Giro and Vuelta team set up regulations for 2021.

Great news!

Apparently, each team selected by the organisers will be able to field up to 30 riders for each the GTs.

The new rules state that each team must:

1. State five core riders which cannot be changed for the entirety of the tour,
2. Can nominate five different interchangeable support riders depending on the type of stage, i.e. mountain, flat or tt,
3. If a support rider wins a stage then the team leader will receive a five minutes bonus, which might propel him into yellow, polka, green or white.

This change follows recent discussions with the American Football League, and one too many glasses of Absinthe, to make cycle racing more exciting and equitable.

Rejected ideas included a daily diversity bonus, all bikes, cars, team buses and vans being battery powered and off season visits to medical/performance enhancement specialists.

Le Equipe stated: The new normal has arrived and we welcome the possibility of a French rider ctually winning the tour by no later than 2051.
Not a Giro Hero!