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Campy Veloce to KICKR

I have a beautiful custom built bike made in 2004 that has a Campagnolo Veloce 10-speed chainset. I totally love the ride feel on that bike and think that the Veloce is better than the Shimano 105 on my Cervelo, even after swapping out some components to Ultegra.

But as much as I like it the carbon bike is faster so I rarely ride the slightly heavier and less aero steel bike. I don’t like using a carbon frame on my smart trainer because I had a frame crack on me so I want to use the steel bike as a permanently mounted bike on my KICKR smart trainer.

Apparently there is no way to put a compatible 10-speed freehub on the KICKR. So I’m wondering what people would suggest.

Do I swap out the Campy for Shimano? That would mean changing brakes and shifters of course. Cost doesn’t bother me but it breaks my heart as the Campy is still so solid and trouble free after all these years.

Could I upgrade the Veloce to 11-speed Chorus and find a way to put a compatible freehub and cassette on the KICKR?

Or am I better off to get another Shimano-equipped bike just for use on the KICKR? I looked for a suitable used bike around the same price point as a full chainset swap but these days you can’t find one to save your life.
= George =


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