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Puncture Help...

Hi guys, recently returned to Riding MTB's and just bought a new bike, Devron 1.7 Zegra, took it for a aspin whilst on holiday and got a puncture.

Now I've got a new innertube and have fixed many punctures in the past but I'm assuming I've got a tubeless set up as I'm struggling to get the tyre off. Is there any way of telling if it is a tubeless set up??

Any tips or recommendations?




  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    I am sure as I can be that your tyres will not be set up tubeless. Firstly it should have sealant in there and although you would have still got a puncture you would not have had a flat. Secondly, I am unaware of any bike that comes set up tubeless from new.

    Your main problem is getting the tyre off so you can repair the tube.

    Ensure that the tube is fully deflated, remove the wheel and lay it on a bench or other firm support (I have used a boulder or a fallen tree, when out in the woods). Lay the rim on the firm surface and press on the tyre as close to the rim as you can with something smooth and hard that you can get a good grip on. I have used a hammer shaft, but the handle of a bike pump is always good to use. Really press (I have used what felt like all my weight) and you will see the tyre bead start to come away from the rim. Move the point of pressure a couple of inches and press again. It is a matter of persistence. You have to be confident that the tyre will come off. It is not glued on. Once the tyre bead has been loosened, start to use your tyre levers.

    Once one side of the tyre is off the rim, pull out the tube and identify where the puncture is. Once you know that, use the tube to tell you where on the tyre the puncture took place and feel inside the tyre for the remnants of what caused the puncture. There may be a thorn sticking out which if not removed will only puncture the tube all over again. Careful you don't cut a finger when searching!

    Repair the tube and refit. If this keeps happening, consider buying some Slime tubes. These are tubes ready filed with a sealant called "Slime". You will continue to get punctures but you will not get any more flats, unless you are really unlucky.
  • Cheers guys I'll have a look.
  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
    You can also try a different tool to remove your tyres, I have wheels where it can take me almost an hour to remove and refit a tyre on the side of the road with standard tyre leavers. Recently got one of these tools and was able to do in 1/4 the time.
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