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Aero bike recommendations


I'm looking to buy my new 'forever bike' sometime either in the end of season sales (though given extraordinary demand this year don't know whether there will be anything left to discount) or early next year.

I'm looking for an aero bike that I can use for triathlon as well as general road riding, both casually and in sportives etc. My budget is ~£5k and my criteria are:

- Disc brakes
- Clearance for 28mm tyres
- Electronic shifting (not fussed by whether Shimano/Sram)
- Ideally the ability to customise the crankset/cassette prior to purchase (want gearing appropriate to the fact I'm no featherweight and live in very hilly area), though obviously I can just buy a new cassette later
- Not too heavy (although accepting that an aero disc bike at this price point isn't going to be sub 7 kilo)
- One piece handlebar/stem (more of a nice to have, I just like the aesthetics).

My current favourites are the Scott Foil 10 or the Canyon Aerorad Aeroad CF SL Disc 8.0 ETAP.

However I'd be grateful for any other suggestions as I feel like there has to be other options out there, although I've not found any as yet.



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