AYLE bike frames

I am trying to find any info about AYEL bike frames, ideally pictures of the original and it’s transfers.

AYEL was the brand of Alan Lloyd Cycling Supplies, a cycle importer and distributer in the
1980s in Birmingham. They sponsored a race team “ANC - Freight - Rover -AYEL - Gipiemme” which had some success; the team later became the “ANC Halfords” of Tour De France fame in 87.

The AYEL frame i have is 531 from the weight and a stamping on the fork tube, but it has been stripped and repainted. i have found a few pictures of AYEL race bikes (brown with yellow lettering, very 1980s), however i assume i have a production bike rather than a race one.

anyone know any background to these frames? a scan of an old catalogue would be perfect, or maybe someone else has one? MickyDuck on here has one it seems, that person has not been on bikeradar since 2016.

any help would be great.




  • AYEL were, as you say, from Alan Lloyd. He didn’t really list frames, or have any catalogue ones as far as I know, but supplied frames to several sponsored riders. He bought from a couple of builders, and had them finished in metallic maroon (not brown) in most cases. It’s also possible that some rider’s frames might be refinished as AYELs if Alan was helping them out with kit. The ANC bikes were actually from a few builders . ( I know because I was the team mechanic at the time). If you want a picture of the finish find a picture of Joey McLoughlin in the Sealink or Ghent Wevelgem.
    Other people who rode AYEL frames included Steve Jones as a professional for KJC Carpets, and Neil Martin as an amateur. If you can find out where your frame came from the person it was built for could maybe be identified.

  • Not many photos about, but this shows the colour of Joey’s bike ( built by Cougar)
  • very interesting, thanks very much paul.

    the picture is great, every little helps build the picture.

    My frame has an unusual and very short serial number which will probably be quite hard to identify. i have contacted cougar with the number to see if it’s worth going any further with photos etc.

    it’s perfectly possible that the frame is not an AYEL at all, though i believe the seller sold it to me in good faith and i like the frame so i am happy.

    i am just intrigued to trace its background and this is the only lead i have.

    thanks again,