Yamaha PW-ST

I have been using a second hand Haibike with a very old Bosch motor. A local dealer has a new model but it has a Yamaha PW-ST motor and I am really struggling to find a review of it, or a bike with it fitted. I know that a test ride will tell a lot, but a couple of laps of their parking lot is only a guide. Bosch seem to have the market pretty well sewn up, so perhaps it is a mistake to go for one of the minority players, but it is a good brand and Yamaha motors used to have a rep for long term reliability. Can anybody help? Any experience out there?


  • steve_sordy
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    I believe that you are on the wrong Forum for your question. "EMTB Forums" very definitely is the best place to address your question.


    Click on Forums and then Register.

    EMTB Forums has a global membership and is very active indeed (unlike this Forum).

    They even have a whole section dedicated to Haibikes, so you are sure to get the answer you need.