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Specialized Warranty (S Works Trail Shoes)

Hi all after some advice my 2 year old shoes are currently broken well the Boa lace attachment has broken and can only be fixed with New Shoes or repair. I have asked my LBS to put in a warranty claim for me which they have done, although I did not purchase item from them and dont have original receipt. I have been advise that specialized have a back log at the moment so taken longer on claims. My question is do they have a general timescale for feedback and also could warranty claim be rejected due to lack of receipt. I have attached some pictures so you can get an idea of issue.

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  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    No receipt and you didn't buy from the LBS ? I'd think you might struggle. Why no receipt ?

    Is this any help?
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    I believe that the standard warranty for European Community countries is two years, so if your shoes are already over two years old, you are out of luck. No proof of purchase, double out of luck!

    By the way that LBS that is pursuing your warranty claim for you is a diamond. You did not buy the shoes from them and you have no proof of purchase showing how old they are to give them a fighting chance. I am very surprised that they agreed to do anything at all except sell you some new ones.

    Your claim will be easy for Specialized to reject. Accept it and move on, if your local shoe repairer cannot add any lace-holes, bin them and buy some new shoes. Just not Speccy ones with the boa fastening!
  • loltorideloltoride Posts: 460
    Thanks for the reply all - I would agree Steve LBS surely looking after me or themselves recently spent a few pounds with them. I think it makes good business sense looking after your clients especially when selling products I can purchase anywhere else. So specialized are being super helpful and confirmed that new boa setup will resolve which they are arranging for me. I have to give a shout to Certini Specconcept store excellent service.
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  • Thanks all for your advice issue now resolved and boa lace just needed to be changed, I also had the wrong spares. If anyone needs a replacement I have a S1-M you can have free of charge just for one shoe.
    So Far!
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