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Garmin 1030 screen lag

If anyone from Garmin ever comes on this forum, can you do something about the screen sensitivity on the 1030? All past communication with Garmin has come up blank. I know it's been talked about before, but really, it's censored . The latest updates haven't done anything, they never do, and I think my version of the unit should be called the '1030 3 swipe edition'. It takes at least 3 swipes to change a screen, sometimes 2 with the sensitivity turned up to 'high'. I reckon those Russian hackers probably had a couple of 1030s between them and just said enough is enough...


  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    Fit Di2 and you can use the hidden buttons in the top of your hoods to page scroll ‘left & right’. Works perfectly every time.

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