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E Bike Conversion Kit

As there isn't yet an E bike section I thought I'd ask it here.

Does anyone have any exerperience with E bike conversion kits to retrofit to a normal bike? Ideally value/budget orientated.

There seems to be a large number and I'm not familiar with any known brands, it feels a bit like the wild west to me.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,724
    I'm assuming your looking at hub type conversions, my own personal view is they shouldn't leave China. Not a great lover of ebikes and even less hub conversions. Prices of proper ebikes powered through a proper geared motor on the crank have dropped enormously as they get more popular. There are some people who have suggested an ebike section but it's not appeared yet. My own personal view is they are fine for people who need one like the infirm / disabled, however they are just wrong for the overweight and unfit. I have mates and indeed a daughter who use them but they fit my acceptable criteria. My own brother is classed as obese / morbidly obese and refuses to use one and rides his trance like it is an ebike, he refuses to let anyone pass unless they can overtake him at above his pace, not many try. Mainly local XC racers and ebike riders if they can handle them well enough manage. Sorry rant over.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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