Huub Cycling Kit

Sportpursuit have a Huub sale atm with some rather nifty looking jerseys and bib shorts.

I haven't been able to find info reviews of Huub bib shorts online so wanted to see if anyone has any experience before I take the plunge?


  • addey
    addey Posts: 10
    I bought the archimedes shorts and jersey when they first had them on sportpursuit a couple of months back. I ended up sending them back as a) the leg gripper on the shorts was very narrow and tight so cut into my thighs, and b) the collar of the jersey was really lose and floppy, almost as if it had been really stretched. I suspect the collar issue was a one-off i.e. I can't imagine they would all be like that as the rest of the jersey fitted really well. On the plus side the pad in the shorts looked to be pretty decent quality. And the fit was good otherwise
  • Thanks for the info!
  • pilot_pete
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    Is it the same company that makes wetsuits/ tri suits?