FSA to Shimano Chainset

a.palmer Posts: 504
Decided to do away with the stock OSBB/BB30 on my Tarmac due to recurring creaks, and replace with the Praxis conversion BB. I'll also use this as an opportunity to replace the FSA Gossamer Pro cranks with Ultegra. Just wanted to see if anyone has done the same or similar, and if any spacers are required in order to get the chain rings in the right place in relation to the front mech and cassette. Can find a lot of info on how to do the conversion, but not much on the affect on the chain line.


  • pilot_pete
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    I replaced BB30 with a Praxis conversion BB and fitted Shimano 105 cranks. Just follow the Praxis instructions that come with the BB, they are on their website too here - https://praxiscycles.com/wp-content/uploads/Shmn_Rubber_Collet.pdf Works fine for me.

  • I did a PF30 to wheels manufacturing Shimano conversion on an old Boardman Pro Carbon, and went to Tiagra chain rings. There was no issue with the chain ring position, or chain line, straight out of the box. No spacers required.
  • a.palmer
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    Cheers guys, all done now. As you say, seamless swap and not a single bit of adjustment required on the front mech.