Brake compatability

Hi folks,

On my old Defy 1 I have tektro tk-r540 brake calipers with 105 brake levers. Looking on Ebay , online etc there are loads of 105 5700/5800, ultegra 6700/6800 and dura ace 7900/7800 for sale at decent prices. Can anyone tell me if they are a direct swap for the tektro calipers. I don't mind spending x about on the bike as I can claim most of it back through my work as we have a fitness scheme where you can buy anything fitness related and get your money back.

Not looking to spend £100s on the brakes as it's an old bike and is more of a project where I swap/ learn etc but if I can fit 7900 calipers on then why not..

I have also bought a cero ar30 evo wheelset, not sure if they are good or not but I got them cheap so thought why not. The original giant wheels I will use on a turbo trainer as I may buy one for winter time.

Any info appreciated.


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    Assuming the fitment is the same, then yes, they will be a direct swap. Worth trying to match whatever series your levers are (ie 57 or 5800) with whatever calipers you buy, just to be certain. Functionally, your levers will operate whatever calipers you fit, but 105 levers will likely work most effectively with calipers of the same series..