Orbea disc upgrade

benali Posts: 49
So, I've acquired this nice Orbea, which needs a bit of work.
I planning to make this into my winter bike.
The rear direct mount 105 caliper is seized and needs replacing.
My dilemma is whether to upgrade it to discs (frame has mounts and internal routing).
Obviously, a new wheelset required.
Mechanical, I guess is easiest as I can use existing 105 levers (just calipers and cables required)?
Is mechanical much inferior to hydraulic (hydraulic requiring big expense)?
Not sure which route to take.
Can anyone offer their thoughts/recommendations


  • fenix
    fenix Posts: 5,437
    Surely just replacing the caliper is the cheapest and easiest to do ?

    Won't you need new levers to get the right cable pull ? And cable disc brakes aren't well thought of.

    It's an expensive way to do things for no real benefit.
  • benali
    benali Posts: 49
    Not sure on the levers, thought they should work, but good point, anybody clarify?
    Yeah, easiest is to replace caliper for sure.
    Is mechanical disc much better than caliper, I guess it has to be for winter environment.
    Quite a bit of money for small benefits.
    Bit of a dilemma!
  • fenix
    fenix Posts: 5,437
    It's true that you'll get more wear on your rims with rim brakes but you'd have to go through a lot of them to make it a sensible upgrade to turn that bike into a disc braked bike.

    Discs might let you fit wider tyres (frame and mudguards permitting) so that might be of interest but I'm not sure this will be the case here. The frame doesn't look like it's got big clearances ?