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Hello Folks,

I've just started cycling with a few friends... can someone suggest what back lights to get just for safety. We usually go during the morning and when it's daylight, but I would feel better with some lights.


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    I settled on a Moon Orion.
    Simple, but effective.
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  • I think anything with a solid and pulse function. Would recommend USB charging too.

    I have the Bontrager Ion 100 front and rear. Nice bright pulse, small, easy to attach and remove. Last about 10 hrs I think.
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  • Exposure TraceR
  • yellowv2
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    oxoman said:

    Exposure tracer as a daytime light. Bombproof and bright, but a bit dearer than some.

  • veronese68
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    Another vote for the Exposure, expensive but worth it
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    I use a Lezyne strip drive 150 rear - it's daytime pulse mode is very bright and I've used them for years through winters with no trouble.
  • any of the above suggestions are good, just depends on your wallet size!
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    As said, any of the above are good bright lights with excellent reputation. The Lezyne KTV range might be another option if you want a slightly wider light
  • BikeRadar's current test of the best lights on the market can be found here. This is due to be updated with this year's results in the coming weeks:
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    Another vote for Trace and TraceR, mine are well over 5 years old.
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    Personally I go for the Moon rear lights. Had a few Lezyne models over the years but I think Moon are better. Try the Nebula.

    One tip, when riding in a group have your lights on constant rather than flashing. It can get very irritating following another rider with a flashing light on.
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  • Agree with both of Paul's comments.

    I use a moon nebula rear which is amazing. Also has a saddle rail mount which is very tidy.
  • Bontrager Flare R under the seat post and Cateye X3 on the seat stay as a backup. Both bright enough in isolation or use both to be ultra visible in rainy conditions etc.

    One tip... smear a small amount of Vaseline on any joints in the light case and around the charging port (if your light is rechargeable). I used to regularly kill lights when cycling in the rain, this completely solved the problem.
  • rick_chasey
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    Another vote for the Exposure, expensive but worth it

    Unfairly good. Get this. You won’t regret it.
  • flasher
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    Bontrager Flare R, compact, cheap, bright and automatically adjusts for day/night.