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West Yorkshire tracks???

Hi. My name is Tony. I have recently bought my first ever new bike. Aged 46. I would like to take it on some easy flatish tracks to get used to riding for the first time in 30 years. Does anyone know anywhere that would be good for beginners? West Yorkshire ideally. thanks


  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 828
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    Hi Tony. Taking up cycling again will be one of the best things you will do, congrats! 👏👏

    When I took up cycling again I went around my local park which is pretty big and has lots of hills, smooth paths and some off road trails through the wooded areas. This really helped with building up a little strength, fitness and riding confidence in a safe environment.

    After a while I went and explored my local canal towpath using Google maps showing national cycling networks which opened up lots of routes and massive areas of woodland, nature parks, etc.

    My advise would be to take a ride along canals which will link to these areas and you will come across every kind of terrain and off road trail right on your doorstep. 👍

  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,129
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    Try the Leeds-Liverpool canal, all 127 miles of it!

    My daughter's partner set out to ride from Leeds to the bike shop in Saltaire to get his shifting fixed. He was so pleased with how well it worked that he just kept going until he got to Liverpool and caught the train back!
    As he hadn't planned the ride, he had to beg water from various barge owners along the way. The pub he stopped at for lunch wouldn't take plastic and he only had just under £3 in cash, so he had a bowl of gravy and a bread roll!

    Mind you, he was in the British triathlon team at the time.
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