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Cheap Magnetic Turbo Trainer - Can you feel different resistance by hand ?


I recently picked up a used Bike Hut Turbo trainer, "barely used" apparently, I dont have the QR skewer to test it with because it wasnt included , grr so on order but a quick test of the 6 position handle bare resistance settings whilst spinning roller by hand didn't present any noticeable different in resistance. Is this to be expected ? This has led me to researching Eddy Current etc. to see if the speed of the roller actually increases the resistance due to some weird magnetic phenomenon, or .. is it nadgered ?

Any advice appreciated .

Thanks guys,


  • masjermasjer Posts: 2,351
    No, just spinning it by hand won't make any noticeable difference to the resistance. The unit has to be spinning fast for the eddy current effect to work. There's not much to go wrong (apart from the cable/selector) with mag trainers -so I'm sure it'll be fine.
  • Thanks for that. Fingers crossed 🤞
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