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Bike packing Shoe Advice

Hi all

I’m leaving for a short bike packing trip in the Belgian Ardennes this weekend. Weather will be around 20 degrees Celsius but it will be wet.

I have 2 pairs of mountain shoes; ME5 (summer) and MW7 (winter), both Shimano.

Given the wet weather, and the fact that the ME5s are not waterproof at all, I’m leaning towards wearing the winter MW7 boots. My concern: will they be too hot?
I can still grab some waterproof socks and go for ME5s as well.

What would you do?



  • 50x1150x11 Posts: 408
    ME5's and over shoes.
  • Thanks for your reply. The main issue I have with the ME5's is water ingress from the bottom (cleat area). I guess overshoes won't help with that.

    MW7's would be too hot you think?
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