ORRO VENTURI EVO OR STC? Anyone got one?

All, not many reviews out there on these two bikes. Has anyone got one? What's the general consensus vs mainstream bikes, Spesh/Trek etc? Any advice would be welcome? Thanks


  • mrb123
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    I can't help with those specific models but I do have a Terra C.

    The bike is very nicely made and finished. I'm sure Orro will have their frames made in the Far East (like everyone else) but they do seem to be unique designs rather than the open mould jobs that a lot of small companies use.

    Finishing kit on mine is all Deda so pretty nice stuff compared to what you often get.

    If I was in the market for an aero bike I'd definitely consider their new Venturi model now that they've gone to full hidden cables.

    Orro seem a decent company, they were helpful to me answering queries before I bought the bike.

    If you like the look of them I'd see no reason not to go for it rather than one of the big brands. I don't think you will lose out in terms of the quality of the bike, and at least you'll be riding something a bit different!
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    Thanks for the info mrb123
  • baroid
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    I am also considering an Orro Venturi STC anyone got an new comments about this bike?