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Bike Park Wales questions

joahjoah Posts: 23
Hi all,

A question for the hivemind - I'm in Wales on a family holiday and would love to take a detour to BPW with the boys (aged 5 and 7). Having read their site I have a few questions - unfortunately they're not answering the phone at the moment and haven't replied to the email I sent recently. I'm sure they're very busy dealing with peak times with Covid restrictions.

Would anyone happen to know the answers to any of these based on their experience of going?

1. Can kids under 8 use the uplift service? I think I've read two different answers on their site
2. If we don't get the uplift service, does that mean we need to cycle back up the route to the top, or if not, how else do we get back up? Would it be hard for a child to cycle back up (we’d be doing the green trails or easier blue ones)
3. If my wife wants to come and wait with our baby, is there an area for her to go walking or otherwise rest, or is the area purely for those wishing to cycle?

Thanks a lot all,



  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,028
    edited 27 August
    I've only been three time, so I am by no means an authority on the topic, and I haven't read the website from your viewpoint either. But seeing as you've had no other comments I'll answer with what I know/believe to be true.

    1. I am unaware of any age or height restriction. But I have seen quite small kids on 20" bikes going down the blue trails with their parents, so there is no ban per se. I believe that the problem with the uplift is that you need height and strength to lift your bike up onto the mobile bike racks and then to tie them in. I took my grandson there for his 12th birthday and he just was not tall enough to do the job quickly. However, the drivers are very good and they are used to helping people on their first time to strap in the bikes. So he did my grandson's while I did mine. Speed is of the essence as everybody is keen to get back up to the top of the trails.
    2. I would not even try to pedal up to the top, it is long, steep and tiring.
    3. There is an outside area with seating and also indoor seating in the cafe. I have no idea how the distancing regulations have affected the seating (or even if there is any indoor seating at all), but for sure at lunchtime seating will be a premium and I guess that at best your wife may feel uncomfortable hogging a seat all day while bikers are trying to eat their lunch with a knife and fork while stood up or leaning against a wall. Personally, I would discourage her from attending. If she insists, then I would encourage her to spend the busy lunchtime session sat in the car. It is not scenic, but there are places to walk and push a buggy, but the whole place is dedicated to bikers and she will be met with fast moving bikers all over the place. For her own safety , she must not be tempted to walk up any bike trails. It is a lovely area, so maybe she could drop you off and find somewhere else nearby to go walking/visiting?
  • joahjoah Posts: 23
    Hi Steve, sorry for the delay in response. That's all very helpful. Sounds like the uplift service is a must.

    That makes sense about the visitor seating. It was the fact it's in a scenic area that we thought there might be space for her to mooch around, but from what you say, it sounds better for her to find somewhere nearby.
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