Carbon assembly paste/seatpost sleeve question

I'm experiencing some seatpost slippage (alu into carbon), but there's a plastic sleeve that the post fits into, so it's not tight to the frame. It's one of those integrated V-shaped clamps that tightens in front of the seatpost. It's a Basso frame/post -- the post is teardrop shaped, with the leading edge of the post nestling into the V of the clamp.

My thought was to put some carbon paste on the inside of the sleeve to add some grip, as well as on the interface between the V-shaped clamp and the face of the post. Is there any downside to this? (probably not)

On the other hand, is there something I'm missing regarding slippage? I've torqued to spec (7-9 nm), made sure everything is clean and dry etc. I'm guessing the issue is the plastic sleeve not offering enough friction.

This is a pretty common setup in semi-aero frames so perhaps someone here has had the same issue and fixed it...



  • Thanks, have slathered the paste on every interface...We shall see. Can't ride atm as it's pissing down outside...I'm not totally impressed with these integrated clamps with sleeve as you've now got 4 interfaces (frame/post/sleeve/clamp) instead of just two with a traditional setup (post/frame).

    I think there's got to be a better way to mount a seat. Either the seat slips or eventually the post gets stuck in the frame, it seems, then you've got to mangle it to get it out by twisting.

    Maybe what we need are a set of headset-type spacers that slip over the post, then the seat sits on the spacers, rather like the way a stem sits on the headtube.
  • Thanks, have slathered the paste on every interface...We shall see. Can't ride atm as it's pissing down outside.

    One of the things that was impressed on me quite a few years ago by an experienced bike mechanic was to use carbon paste ‘ sparingly’ and it’s stayed with me ever since.

    I also posted recently re slippage on the forum with alloy on alloy ( not the same as you I know) and got some helpful advice. But I read that you have alu and wonder if carbon paste is the best thing. Only mentioning as a friend had a carbon seatpost and alloy insert on the down tube and the carbon paste seemed to rub at the alloy insert until the seatpost became looser still? Just a thought and someone more experienced than me might be able to suggest the best assembly paste to use in your scenario.
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    Did you resolve this problem.
    I have just bought a basso bike and am having the same problem.

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